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Hello and welcome to the EYFS webpage.  This page will be updated every Friday during term-time.  Please check this weekly for information about what we have been doing during the week and recommended activities that you can do at home which will support your child's learning.  Thank you to all of the parents/children that did the recommended activity last week.  We are pleased to say that we are getting record numbers of recommended activities being completed so far this year, which really does make such a difference to your children's learning.

Letters will be sent out this week so that we can set up online learning journal accounts for you to access and contribute to your child's learning journal.  Please return the forms ASAP and you will be sent an online invitation from Tapestry.  This is very quick and simple to set up and we encourage everyone to do this. 

Please click on the 'gallery items' below to see photographs of our latest topics.  Please note your child will never appear on these unless you have given consent.  If you have not given consent and wish to change your preferences please speak to a member of staff.     

This week in literacy we have focussed on the book 'The Little Red Hen', which links with our harvest theme and leads us nicely into our 'animals' theme.  We have read the book and re-told the story of The Little Red Hen and used our phonics knowledge to write labels of the animal names - duck, cat and dog.  We also looked at an alternative version of the book 'The Little Red Hen makes pizza' and thought of our own alternative version.  You may have noticed three scarecrows appeared in our soil this week.  The children worked as a team to build these and we have also made handprint hens and bread rolls.  We have discussed the moral of the story of The Little Red Hen, which is that we need to help each other and we will be rewarded for our efforts. 

This week in maths we have been ordering objects by size and using mathematical language such as longer, shorter, longest, shortest taller, shorter, tallest, shortest etc.  We collected leaves from our outside area and ordered these by size.          

Sounds taught so far - s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k, ck, e

Parents/carers - If you would like to hear the correct pronunciation that we use for each of the letter sounds please visit youtube and type in -

'Jolly Phonics letter sounds (British English)' by jollylearning. 

Encouraging your child to pronounce the sounds like this will support their ability to blend and segment sounds.     

Words taught so far - is, it, in, at, and, to, the

                                              How you can help your child this week

Literacy activity - Ask your child to label some objects which have CVC names (names made up with a consonant/vowel/consonant formation), for example, a toy 'pig', 'cat', 'dog' 'hen' 'fan' etc.  Say the word to your child and ask him/her to listen carefully to what sounds can be heard in the word.  If necessary say the word slowly and emphasise each sound as you say the word.

Maths activity - Ask your child to order some dolls/cars/teddies in size order.  Encourage and support your child to use mathematical language to talk about their order eg. this teddy is the shortest and this is the tallest. 

We really encourage you to do our recommended activities; your support at home has such a positive impact on your child's learning.  If you do a recommended activity please note this in your child's orange home/school message book.  On Mondays we celebrate the homework completed and all children who have done this receive a house point and a sticker.  

We hope that you find all of our staff helpful and approachable.  Please don't hesitate to speak to any member of the team if you have any queries or concerns, however big or small.

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