High School Links

Proud Of Our Links With Local High Schools

We are proud to be a feeder school for several High Schools in the local area. Every opportunity is made to strengthen links between our schools. This involves the children joining together on collaborative projects e.g. linked to sporting events, arts enrichment and specific curriculum events. Our children also work with specialist staff from our partner high schools.

Our children choose to transfer to a number of local High Schools.

Neston High School      http://www.nestonhigh.cheshire.sch.uk/

Whitby High School     http://www.whitbyhs.cheshire.sch.uk/

University of Chester Academy Ellesmere Port http://www.universityceacademy.org/Content/Home/Default.aspx

Bishops' Blue Coat High School   http://www.bishopsbluecoat.cheshire.sch.uk/

Ellesmere Port Catholic High School  http://www.epchs.co.uk/

Wirral Grammar School for Boys   http://www.wirralgrammarboys.com/

Wirral Grammar School for Girls    http://www.wirralgirls.co.uk/

INSET DAY Monday 4th June. Pupils return Tuesday 5th June................ Delamere House earn Non uniform day on Thursday 29th March

Sutton Green Primary School, Armthorpe Drive, Little Sutton, Cheshire CH66 4NW

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