Welcome to the Literacy section of the Curriculum. We take pride in our handwriting, content and written presentation throughout the school year. Our literacy, science and cross curricular books reflect this hard work.

Each year we choose a text or event around which to focus our writing.This is then collated to form a whole school display where the children, staff, parents and visitors can enjoy the published work.

Summer 2013 -We celebrated the Queen's Golden Jubliee

Autumn 2013 -Our book focus was 'Where My Wellies Take Me' written by Michael Morpurgo

November 2014 -We remembered World War 1

Summer 2015 -We used a cross curricular approach themed 'Sutton Green Explorers'

November 2015- Our book focus was 'How the world began' 

September 2016- Our Great Britons- information writing and research

                 Year 5/6 The Battle of Jutland is displayed in the library

Literacy is taught throughout the school, we use 'Talk for Writing' and cross curricular themes to provide the children with opportunites for all genres. Each class has high quality displays as well as books that contain the pupil's work - literacy.topic. science and RE.

From EYFS through to Year 6 children are using grammar, punctuation and spelling strategies to help with their writing. 

Reading through the school scheme, guided, shared and whole class texts encourages pupil's to have a love of books both fiction and non-fiction. 

Spoken language is given a high priority in our school. we encourage the children to use correct language and grammar. Along side speaking, listening is equally important.We work together to model and promote both literacy skills.Drma and role play across the school is a fun way to develop speaking and listening. A trip to the EYFS classroom is a great place to start.

For more information about our Literacy focus for the year ahead please see the schools development plan (SSP)

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