Sutton Green Primary aims to present a range of musical experiences for all pupils, which works alongside current topics.  The musical experiences include exploring, listening, singing, playing, performing and composing.  The main musical performances held across the year include Harvest Festival, EYFS graduation and EYFS/KS1 and KS2 Christmas Shows.

Music is part of 'The Arts' and at Sutton Green, all EYFS and KS1 children work towards achieving their 'discovery arts award'.  This is a Trinity college certificate which celebrates children's ability to research artists and types of artform (including music) and children's involvement in a range of art activities.    

Music in EYFS

Music is a big part of the EYFS class.  We regularly learn songs as part of our phonics and maths lessons and we integrate music in various forms throughout our themes, for example listening to Indian music during Diwali and Harvest songs for Harvest Festival.  Children are also given the opportunity to explore the musical instruments and listen to songs independently during their choosing time. 

Year 1

Year 1 music is delivered by Miss Jenkins.  The skills are taught through the topic work. 

Year 2 and 3

Music in Years 2 and 3 is delivered by Jan Ellis, following the Espresso scheme of music.  In this Key Stage the children are taught the skills of singing and composing.  The music is integrated into topic work. 

Year 4 and 5

Music in years 4 and 5 is taught by the class teachers Mr Laird and Mr Porter.  The music is linked into the current topic and involves the skills of recording and editing. 

Year 6

Year 6 have been learning to play brass instruments.  We are lucky to have had external music teachers visit our school to provide superb tuition.  Children had the choice of playing a trombone, cornet or trumpet.  Their achievements were celebrated with a performance to the rest of the KS2 children.  Following on from this children have been offered the opportunity to continue learning an instrument outside school time.      




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