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As Parliament members of Sutton Green Primary School we respect the views of others. Each class has a 'Parliament Suggestions Box' where every child's voice can be heard. Our role is important because we can make big decisions and help the school to be a better, safer place.
We act as good role models for the children and often meet and greet visitors to school.


The school parliament consits of 'ministries', all of which have an important role to play within our school. We currently have ministries for Education, Health, Culture and Environment.  


This year the Parliament have met up to discuss different matters such as pupil voice questionnaires, pupil suggestion boxes, Valentines fundraising activities, Easter competitions and wellbeing activities.



Parliament News



We were given a lovely task this week! Mrs Cole asked us to select the new lunch menu for September. It was a tough job but someone had to do it... We can't give too much away but the roast dinner proved to be VERY popular and it looks like it's here to stay! 




This week our Eco Ministers have been monitoring how we recycle our rubbish in school.  They have visited each class to ask the children about different ways that they recycle and had some amazing feedback.

“Lots of classes suggested that we could have bins for our food waste outside. Some children came up with the idea of having bin monitors to make sure that the right bins are being used. We also talked about using our compost bin for all of the food waste, which we think is a really good idea”.

-Max (Y6) Abbie (Y5) & Alice (Y3)

Well done to our Eco Ministers for raising such an important issue and thank you to each class for being so enthusiastic about recycling at Sutton Green.


Visit for some brilliant tips about recycling at home as well as school!





We are currently working on updating our school rules and have asked each class for ideas. This week we met up to discuss the suggestions. So far we have had some amazing ideas and it will be a tough job to decide on our final 5! Speak to a member of our Parliament if you have any other ideas/suggestions.




Valentines Sale Update! 

   Thank you so much for your support.

We raised £51.00 to add to our school funds!




*Check out the new suggestion boxes in your classrooms. We will collect the boxes each week to read and discuss your suggestions and ideas*



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Look out for a very tasty Valentines sale coming soon...














See calendar and News items for more information on these events.... check out our Facebook page and Twitter account. School closed to pupils Thursday 12th December due to it being a polling station. KS1 nativity rearranged for 10th December

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