Sycamore Class (Year 6 Mrs Johnson)

14 07 20 Hey up

Hope you are all okay?

On Friday we are having a BBQ for year 6 from 12 until 1:15pm. If you are not coming into school at the moment, please, please, please can you come in? We will socially distance and it will be outside.

If you are in touch with anyone who is staying at home, could you please let them know? I have emailed but I want to make sure they all get the message.

I'm really excited to see everyone! laugh


13 07 20 Morning!

How are you all today? Did you have a good weekend?

I had my first trip out to Wales yesterday - it was lovely. I went late in the evening because it would be quiet ... and it was! I had to keep Pepper on a lead though because she kept trying to eat the sheep poo laugh She was like a kid in a sweet shop!! Bleagh!!

How are your scrap books coming along? We are no where near finished yet! We've had some lovely ideas. Some have done double pages for each year group. My class keep chatting for ages - do you remember this ... do you remember when.......... WRITE THEM DOWN!!!! I guarantee you will forget some of the memories you have made - especially when you get to my age and can't remember what you had for breakfast never mind what happened ..... er ........ mmmmmm ..... lots of years ago!!

Your maths for today is to research how you are going to get to secondary school. If you are in a bubble, do one school at a time.

I would like you to find out:

  1. How to walk - using a map, draw a route
  2. Which bus you could take
  3. Which train you could take

If you are getting the bus:

  • Where do you get it from?
  • What number bus is it?
  • How long does it take to get there?
  • What time will you arrive?
  • What time do you have to be in school?

If you are walking:

  • Map your route
  • How long will it take?
  • What time will you arrive?
  • What time do you have to be in school.

Find as many different ways to get to school as you can - just in case!!

Some schools have their own buses - go on the website and have a look.

I decided I would ring instead of emailing you on Friday. I spoke to a few of you - I'll try the others today.

Have fun,

Mrs J

10 07 20 ......... and again!!! crying

How are you all today? I'm missing you lot who are at home! I'm going to email you individually today so keep checking your parents emails.

How are you getting on with your scrapbooks? they are looking really good at school. Don't forget to send messages to the rest of the class - email them to me and I'll print them off.

08 07 20 Morning!

I have a confession to make! I forgot about you yesterday! I'm so sorry crying I was going to message when I got to school but then I forgot! It's an age thing!

Anyway, we are all writing little messages to eachother to go in our scrap books - like we did when we did the 'Pupil of the Day', something you like about them. If you email them to me - I'll print them off and hand them out.

Hoodies have been ordered - finally! Fingers crossed you get them before we break up - if not, I will get them to you somehow!

Have a fab day,

Mrs J

06 07 20 Morning! 

11:15 Memories

Jamie has just shared a memory! Colomendy - he was dancing in his underpants, in front of the mirror at 1am when Mr Laird came in to check on them!

11:13am Ellesmere Port College kids!

Your virtual transition is ready:


Username: Sutton_Green_Primary

Password: Sutton18

I have uploaded a guide in case you need it.

8:30am - Neston kids

Keep your transition booklets and take them with you on your first day. They will do some follow up work with you. 

I hope you all had a good weekend? Did anyone go out for a meal or go to the pub? I didn't, I'm going to wait for a few more weeks I think. Went with my friends for a coffee in Parkgate today (Sunday) but that was the limit of my social life laugh

For the last two weeks, we are going to do a 'Sutton Green' memory book. I found some old books - well Mrs Reid did actually - which the children at school are going to use. Let me know if you can't get one at home, we might be able to find some more for you.

I had some ideas for the pages but I'd rather you designed your own! 

  1. Contents
  2. Maths - favourite lessons / topic etc
  3. English
  4. Topic
  5. PE
  6. Sports days
  7. Residentials
  8. Other subjects?
  9. Their class - photos/messages to eachother
  10. Teachers - pictures, messages, memories
  11. Favourite memories - funny, sad, worst, annoying

Please share your memories as some people may have forgotten the one's you remember. 

Share any ideas for your book too.

We are trying to print off your school photos so you can have one of everyone - I'll let you know if we can. Leave spaces for now or leave that page for later in the week. 

Email me with any messages you would like to send anyone for their book. I will make sure they receive it.

Maths - everyone is at different stages in their maths, we are way behind, so carry on with the fraction lessons for now and I will set more when they are finished.

I'll keep adding to this as you all share.

Have a fab day,

Mrs J

03 07 20 Morning all

How are you all this morning? Lovely day ....... for ducks!

Is anyone actually reading these messages because no one is talking back to me crying. I'm going to sulk! Watch ............... are you watching angry???? .............................. okay I'm bored now!

The kids in my class seem to have lost the power of speech - all I get is grunts! Morning - uggghhhh, how are you today - ugghh ugghh! I really have to push to get any actual words! The funny thing is the seem to have developed this language between them and they understand each other!

Conversation at break:


'Uggghhh, ugh?



Ugh, ugh, ugh?'

Ugghhhhhh ugh!'

Get the idea laugh

Have a 'ugghh' day!

Mrs J

02 07 20 Morning!

I nearly didn't come to school today laugh I was sat watching GMTV drinking a cup of tea - all chilled and relaxed and suddenly realised the time! I usually leave at quarter to 8 - it was 10 to 8!! Panic! Never mind, I'm here!

How are you all today? Where has the sun gone? sad I'm not into this rain stuff!

My kayak arrived yesterday - so excited! I got a two person one so Pepper can go in the front! Mmmmmm what do you reckon? I'm going to try her in it at the weekend - I'll send you some photos - it will be messy!

Neston kids

I have uploaded the Neston Transition booklet in case you haven't received it. They have a lot of information on their website now so go on and have a root around. I have also uploaded a document, Neston Topics, which shows you the topics you will be starting with in September. I will try to include some of the topics in the next few weeks. There is also an RE Task sheet for you.

Neston have suggested these Maths topics:

You might want to look at them over the summer holidays.

Have a fab day,

Mrs J

01 07 20 Happy July!

I can't believe it's July already! Where has this year gone? It should only be about March!

Lovely to see so many of you have signed up for summer club! Should be fun - right up my street!.

It's 6:05am - going for a run with my friend. It's a long one today, 5K with two 100m sprints at the end. If I don't arrive at school, can someone send out a search party for me - I'll be the one gasping for air in the gutter somewhere!

It was lovely to see Lexi yesterday, they were all off to the zoo. Hope you had fun - you had lovely weather! Send us a photo and I'll share it with the class.

Have fun today,

Mrs J

30 06 20 ????

I posted on Sunday night and it's not on here?? Where has it gone? Was it there yesterday? Did you think I had forgotten you? Never!

I did Sumdog results aswell! You got your rewards anyway, I hope!

Hello for today and yesterday!

It's Mrs Reid's birthday today, she's 73 years young, so make sure you sing Happy Birthday to her when you see her. I promise you, she will love it! wink Also say to her - Wow you don't look 73! devil Ask her about her bus pass too!

Transition Question: What to do if I am being picked on? 

Well done with all of your answers:

  1. Ask them to stop then tell them to stop - if they don't, choose another way.
  2. Tell your friends, ask them for advice.
  3. Privately tell your form tutor or a teacher that you trust. Most schools have a pastoral team who are there to look after you.
  4. Tell your parents.

You could choose one or more of these options but remember bullying is NOT part of secondary school - you DO NOT have to put up with it!

If all else fails, come back and see me - I'll sort it out laugh

Have a lovely day,

Mrs J (it rhymes - exciting!)

26 06 20 Oooooops

Er ....... mmmmm..... I have a confession to make! Your work is at home on my computer .......... and I'm at school!! Could someone please pop and get it? 

So today:

Maths: you have the link for todays maths laugh

Transition: thank you for your reply Miss Mooney! It's at home so I will post it on Monday! Where are the rest of you????

Today's question: What if I am picked on by an older child?

Good life: My class haven't finished our non-chron reports or our art so we will be carrying on with them. If you have finished both, next on the list was finding a recipe for Mrs Reid so she can use all of the vegetables in the allotment. I'll ask her to pick out the best one. Why don't you have a go at using the recipe yourself this weekend? As you are writing out the recipe for Mrs Reid, remind yourself of the grammatical and structural features of a set of instructions.

I don't think I've remembered how to teach and put up home schooling! I'll put myself on detention for this weekend! 

Have a fab weekend,

Mrs J

25 05 29 It's toooooooooo hot already!!

Morning - who melted in the heat yesterday??? Oh my goodness it was hot - today, apparently, is going to be even hotter!!! I can't cope! I'll be complaining tomorrow because I'm too cold or wet (thunderstorms). We are getting thunderstorms again tomorrow - I do love a good thunderstorm!

I need to go and get ready for school now so I will post again later.

Miss you all,

Mrs J

24 06 20 Morning!

Sorry I'm late, I had to sort Sophie out as she had a swollen eye. It was an allergic reaction to something. It was the surface of her eye that swelled - so much that it pushed her pupil over and she couldn't close her eye lids. Nasty! sad

I'm not sure what the rest of you are like but my class seem to have forgotten the power of speech - ugghh is all I seem to be getting!!

I asked if they had any messages for the rest of the class:

Poor Tilly said 'I miss the girls'. sad She is on her own with four boys!

Luke said 'Ugghh'.

Fin shook his head!

Lucas said, 'Er erm no'.

Jamie, 'no'.

That's all you are getting - I've got to spend all day with them cheeky

23 06 20 smiley

It was lovely to see so many of you today. I've really missed you lot! It wasn't too bad was it? You still managed to 'see' some of your friends - okay, at a distance, but you could see them!

Some people struggled getting up early laugh. That should get easier over the weeks. Poor Fin was half asleep!

We had a chat about your profits from the Body Shop business. I will ask your teachers to discuss it with you and we can decide what you want to do with it. It's about £200. Start having a think. If you are not coming in to school, drop me an email with your suggestions.

We struggled to get on Sumdog at school today so I'll leave the leader board until tomorrow.

See some of you tomorrow,

Mrs J

22 06 20 Monday???

Where did the weekend go? sad I think I've been done! Does anyone else remember it being a full two days?? 

It's Sunday night already!

I'm in school every day now so will have to put your work up the night before! Hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow - socially distanced obviously as I am not allowed in your bubble sad Unlucky if you are in my bubble - my jokes are no better!

I've put quite a lot on for today - you don't have to do everything - calm down Kate!! It's just that some of you are in all day and I don't want you to be bored. 


  1. Kate - Wow! Well done!
  2. Holly - just in second!
  3. Evy - still ahead of Ethan!
  4. Ethan - fight back!
  5. Olivia - creeping up!
  6. Hope - slipped down!
  7. Maani - slipping!
  8. Lucas - hanging on there!
  9. Abbie - just!!!
  10. Lexi - you've nearly fallen off!

See some of you tomorrow,

Mrs J

19 06 20 It's nearly the weekend! angel

Some questions have been coming in, thank you!

Next week, do we need to bring pencils, pens, etc?

No, everything you need is already on your table. They will stay with you the whole time you are in school.

Will we still get out hoodies?

Yes, I will definitely sort them out. I was looking to see who was comi8ng back to school and when. The hoody you chose had signatures on the back. I can order the same one with your names printed on the back. I will get back to you on prices etc ASAP

Will we still have a prom?

Yes definitely! We will invite you back as soon as it is safe for you all to be togther. We might be able to organise a few other activities too!

Will I be with my friends when I get to secondary school?

The staff at your new schools are very concerned about you being happy at their school. They have been in touch and talked about each of you. They have all said you will have other children from Sutton Green in your class. They realise the importance of a friendly face! 

Thank you for those questions, keep them coming!

What's everyone doing this weekend? I'm going on a bike ride this weekend with one of my friends that I did Mount Kili with. He is a 'proper' cyclist so is going to want to go fast and for a long distance! Mmmmmm I must admit I'm a little bit scared indecision. Do you think I could use social distancing as an excuse for being miles behind? Just being careful?? devil  If I'm not around on Monday, will you please send out a search party? You'll probably find me in a ditch somewhere, gasping for air! laugh No! Positive thoughts Mrs J - it will be fun!

Sumdog - same names all the time! Where are the rest of you hiding?

  1. Holly - keeping her top spot!
  2. Kate - Wow! Nearly at the top!
  3. Evy - just keeping ahead of Ethan!
  4. Ethan - fight back!
  5. Hope - staying in the same place!
  6. Maani - creeping up!
  7. Lucas - where did you come from?
  8. Olivia - just made it on!
  9. Lexi - don't go!
  10. Will - hanging in there!

Right, I'm in school today and I don't want to be in my pjs. Best go and get dressd! 

I had problems last night and this morning with the National Aademy page - I'll chack on my lap top when I get to school. It might just be my computer.

Have a fab day ...... in the wind ..... and rain .............and damp ......... and Mrs J giving you work laugh

Mrs J

18 06 20 Morning!

What are you all up to today? I'm up at that ridiculous hour agaim!! 6am!!!! Stupid o'clock. I'm running with my friend again today. We are following a program now so today is a slow 5k. As you know my 5k is slow anyway so I'm not sure how much slower I can go without stopping! We are supposed to be able to chat the whole way round laugh Normally we chat for the first 5 minutes then its just looks and grunts! We shall see!

Abbie asked if she should bring all of her work in next week. Don't bring it in because at the moment I can't look at it - even if you are in my bubble. Leave it at home for now - hopefully when tthe situation improves I'll be able to look at it all with you.

It will be a strange week next week but I suppose it's a small step back to reality. All the teachers are looking forward to seeing you. Don't worry about anything, they will tell you everything you need to know. I will carry on putting your home learning up every day at the usual time for those of you not coming in.


  1. Holly - fought her way to the top!
  2. Evy - hopped over Lexi! 3 minutes behind Ethan!
  3. Ethan - swapped places with Holly
  4. Kate - flying up the board!
  5. Hope - stepped up one place!
  6. Lexi - on her way back up!
  7. Maani - slipping down, don't go!
  8. Will - Stayed in the same place!
  9. Where are the rest of you???? Wake up! laugh

Right, I need to go and put my running clothes on - can  run in my pjs because it's lockdown? Hey don't laugh, some people go shopping in their pjs!!! I'm coming to school in my pjs next week - only kidding.

See you tomorrow - have a fab day,

Mrs J smiley

17 06 20 Mooooornin'

Serious post - for a change!

There has been a lot of positives with lockdown, you will have probably have enjoyed some parts of it. I have enjoyed working from home (in my pjs), spending more time with Pepper and Sophie, I had quality time with my elderly cat, Whiskey, who died three weeks ago - I can think of loads of positives.

There has also been a lot of negatives. Anxiety has been my biggest negative - I've worried about Sophie working at the Countess and my sister who is shielding because of medical conditions. I've hated going shopping because you have to touch lots of surfaces and mix with people who are not social distancing. There is an awful lot of anxiety at the moment for you guys with some children returning to school, some children not, some shielding, transition to secondary school (we are starting on that next week) etc etc

I often feel guilty for feeling low or anxious because there are people worse off than me - they are suffering with the virus and/or have friends or relatives who have died with the virus. BUT my nan used to say: we are all entitled to how we are feeling. Don't try to ignore those feelings - listen to them, accept them and OWN them. They are there for a reason. Then TALK! TALK to anyone who you can. If they are walking round the house - follow them! If they are asleep - wake them up. If their eyes glaze over - keep going. If your jaw starts to ache - have a drink and keep going. If they fall asleep - move on to someone else laugh Honestly it works!

If you find you can't talk to someone - write it down. Write a letter to someone telling them how you feel. You don't have to give it to them, you can hide it or throw it away but it does help to clear your head.

Any teachers in school, including me (talk in person, ring or email me), would be more than happy to talk about the current situation with you - just start that conversation.

We are all going through the same thing, we all have good and bad days so TALK, TALK and TALK some more!

Have a fab day,

Mrs J

16 06 20 Morning!

It's 6am!! yep, 6am! I didn't even know this time existed! I'm going for a run with my friend at 7am so I need to be up an hour earlier to have a snack. I can't run on an empty stomach! So I might have to leave you in a bit - but don't worry Luke, I'll be back ( said in an Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of way)


  1. Holly - back on top!
  2. Evy - ahead of Ethan! 
  3. Ethan - 3 minutes behind!
  4. Hope & Kate - it's a draw!
  5. Maani - good to see you again!
  6. That's it! Where are the rest of you???? Helloooooo? Is anyone there? laugh

Ooooo that was tough! We did hill sprints today ................ well to be honest it was more like 'slope sprints'!  Nearly threw up half way .......... but I didn't so I'm classing myself as an athlete now! Holly stop laughing!!! laugh

Catch up soon,

Mrs J (doesn't ryhme sad)

15 06 20 Morning all!

Well, it's not actually Monday, it's Sunday because .............................. laugh you get the idea, don't you?

Ooops I forgot to come back to you on Friday didn't I? Sorry sad! I'm here now - did you miss me? angel

I'll do Sumdog now seeing how it is the end of the week:

  1. Ethan - stayed on top!
  2. Evy - hopped over Lexi! 3 minutes behind Ethan!
  3. Holly - fighting back
  4. Lexi - falling down!
  5. Maani - making her way up!
  6. Hope - climbing too!
  7. Kate - hey great to see you again!
  8. Will - Kate overtook you!
  9. Hannah S - falling down!
  10. Olivia - just hanging on!

Rewards have been sent - well done!

Did you have a storm last night? It was amazing! Soph and I were sat in the hot tub when it started! At first we were like 'Oh it will be fine, it's a long way away' then there was a massive crash of thunder and we leapt out so quick! I didn't spill my wine hot chocolate though devil

I did my run on Friday morning - I know you were desperate to find out how I got on! I actually really enjoyed it but I am soooooooo slow. Little old ladies with their shopping bags were walking faster than me laugh Still, I was out there giving it a go. 

I'm doing a running program this week. It's called 'Running 5k below 30 minutes' - he'd have to perform a miracle to get me running that fast - or book me a taxi! I'll let you know how I get on smiley

Have a fun day,

Mrs J

(Have you noticed how that rhymes? Tickles me every time I write it!) 

12 06 20 Morning!

Well it's 645am!!! Yes - am!! I am running with my friend at 730 so thought I'd better get up and do this BEFORE I go out because I might not be capable when I get back! We are doing a 5k to 10k - not good! I nearly threw up last time! AND I forgot to turn on my Garmin watch so it didn't even record - what a waste!!!

I'll pop back later to do Sumdog and look at - wish me luck sad

11 06 20 Morning All!

How are we all today? I have much nicer, still wierd, dreams last night! Quite relieved!

What is everyone up to today? Luke will be going on a bike ride, Olivia will play some netball, Maani will play basketball, Jamie and Lucas will play football, I will mmmmmm, errrrrr, I have no idea! Groundhog Day strikes again! Actually, have you even seen that film - I forget how young you guys are laugh. If you haven't - then watch it, you'll understand what I mean then!

Abbie asked me a good question about the home learning she should be doing. She has found that doing papers and going over questions she got wrong is the way she learns the best. She asked if she has to do the Oak maths lessons too. This goes for everyone - as long as you are learning, I don't mind what you do or how you do it. This is a difficult situation we are all in and if you find a way which which you enjoy - then do it! What I put up every day is just a guide for you - for once you can ignore me wink

You can learn in lots of different ways! By making a cake you are:

  • reading, understanding and following instructions
  • measuring accurately
  • using a vareity of units e.g. oz, g, degrees
  • evaluating - my evaluation is usually 'Why is my cake like a biscuit?'

Be creative and find ways of learning which you enjoy.


  1. Ethan - wow you were busy yesterday!
  2. Lexi - are you going to let him push you off the top spot? 
  3. Evy - back in the game!
  4. Holly - pushed out of the way by Evy!
  5. Hannah S - staying still!
  6. Will - staying still too!
  7. Alfie - good to see you!
  8. Katelyn - Good to see you back too!
  9. Maani & Hope - joint! Hanging in there!

Well done - rewards have been sent!

Just seen the time 8:55am! Best finish this before Mrs Bow messages me smiley

See you tomorrow. Good luck on your Mars walk! One small step for mankind, one large Mars Bar for Mrs Johnson blush 

10 06 20 Morning!!

How is everyone today?

Is anyone else having really weird dreams?? I had one last night were I bought a new house. It was lovely and I was very excited to move into it. However, the downstairs toilet was massive - it was like the toilets you find in swimming pools - lots of cubicles and showers. I know we are having strange dreams at the moment because our brains are trying to deal with the current situation BUT what is my brain doing??? What on earth is it sorting out?


  1. Lexi - still at the top!
  2. Ethan - one minute behind Lexi!
  3. Holly - jumped over Evy
  4. Evy - where are you going?
  5. Hannah S - hopped over Will!
  6. Will - don't go!
  7. Katelyn - hanging in there!
  8. Hope - jumps on board!

Well done - rewards have been sent!

I'm in school today so hoping to speak to some of you. I keep trying but then I get caught up with something else!

I've been asked about Leaver's Hoodies. I will definitely organise them for you. The one you chose had your signatures on the back. If we are definitely not coming back this term, I will order them with your names printed. I'll get back to you on it but I haven't forgotten!

Have a fun day!

09 06 20 Me again!

For those of you going to Ellesmere Port College, check this out! A virtual transition!

Even if you are not going, have a look, it might answer some of your questions. Other schools should have their's set up very soon.

09 06 20 Morning!

Nobody reminded me to remind you there is a live space lesson on today!!

It's on at 3pm! See you then!


  1. Lexi - staright to the top!
  2. Ethan - hopped over Evy!
  3. Evy - oh dear!
  4. Holly - knocked off her top spot!
  5. Will - with Kate no where to be seen!
  6. Hannah S - great to see you again!
  7. Katelyn - last but not least!
  8. That's it - where are the rest of you??? Shame on you laugh

I'm going to make a note to remind myself - when you fall asleep listening to the relaxing sounds of waves on Spotify - it plays all night. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that rain was coming through the ceiling! The sound was definitely coming from inside my room so the rain had to be coming in from somewhere! I leapt out of bed (what I could do at 3am in my pjs I don't know!) and turned on the light - frantically looking at the ceiling. Luckily it was inact and I was able to follow the sound to my phone! Duh laugh 

I got back into bed feeling very sheepish!

Have a fun day,

Mrs J

08 06 20 Me again!

Me again! Remind me to remind you there is a 'live' video here:

tomorrow at 3pm. It's called 'Finding asteroids around other stars' and it's about ....... finding asteroids around other stars. The clue is in the name wink

08 06 20 Goooooood morning Year 6!

Ssssh it's actually Sunday night but I won't have time to do this in the morning!

I did go running on Friday - not only did it rain when I was running but it also 'hailed' - is that a word??? It hail stoned?? ......... but also we had hail!! laugh They hurt! 

My feet are hurting too crying Ahhhhhh! More than that! Me and Pepper did an 18km walk today from Heswall to West Kirby. It was fun - Pepper is absolutely shattered now! Long walk for coffee and chips!

I didn't do Sumdog on Friday so I will do it now and hopefully I'll remember to do it tomorrow too! Tomorrow is Monday because today is Sunday although I put Monday as my title because I can't write this on Monday morning so I'm writing it on Sunday..... get it??laugh

Here we go: 

  1. Holly - head andd shouylderrs above everyone else! I know I have made mistakes there but I thought I'd leave them just to show how bad my typing is!!!
  2. Evy - hanging on to second place!
  3. Ethan - hot on Evy's heels!
  4. Olivia - appears out of nowhere!
  5. Alfie - slipping down!
  6. Katelyn - jumps one place!
  7. Leo - sliding down!
  8. Hope - staying in the same place!
  9. Kate - hanging on!
  10. Will - just behind Kate!

Good to see Hannah - if only for 5 minutes! 

We were going to go to a Transition day at Ellesmere Port College but it has been canceled - obviously! They are doing a virtual one from July 6th. I'm not sure how it will all work yet but I'll let you know and we can do it together. I know some secondary schools have not been in touch yet but they are all working hard to change their usual routine. It will happen!

I've added the latest library newsletter - there are some lovely ideas!

05 06 20 Morning!

You are lucky that Olivia and Maani have been in touch because the rest of you don't seem to be talking to me!!! I'm beginning to take it personally now cryingcrying Where are you all?

I wish you could see the time I am writing this - 7:09!!!! It's my friend's son's birthday today so instead of running tonight, we are running this morning! I thought it was a great idea on Wednesday! Not such a great idea now sad.

AND to top it all - it's raining! Dedication this! Dedication and stupidity!

I'll do Sumdog after my run - see you in a little while,

Mrs J

04 06 20 Hello???

Hello! I'm here!! Can you see me? Over here!!!

Where are you all - noone seems to be talking to me at the moment and I'm getting really lonely?? I get bored talking to myself (Yes I know, now I know what it's been like for you guys all year!! Am I always this boring? Hope, be nice!), Sophie is always in bed, Pepper loves everything I say but doesn't answer and the cat just looks at me with disgust!

Take pity on an old ............okay Luke - very old............okay Lucas - ancient woman and tell me what you are up to! Send me your work and some daft photos!!

  1. Holly - Wow! Where did you come from?
  2. Evy - knocked off the top spot!
  3. Alfie - apperars from nowhere!
  4. Leo - back from his break!
  5. Kate - still on 5 but with more minutes!
  6. Lexi - not seen you for a while!
  7. Katelyn - crawls back!
  8. Hope - good to see you again!
  9. Will - way behind Kate! Are you going to let her beat you?
  10. Fin - good to see you!

All of the secondary schools have now been in touch with me to talk about you all individually so their next step will be to contact you. They will set up group chats with you so you can ask them questions. Make sure you are prepared with written questions because you might forget them during the chat. I'm always here if you want to chat too.

Right! If no one talk to me today, I'm giving you the silent treatment - bliss eh Ethan? laugh

Mrs J

03 06 20 Heeeeeeeelp!

Sophie was given a two hour slot to empty her room in Chester! They were having a laugh! It took us 4 hours!!! Up and down three flights of stairs for four hours. ..... in the heat!! I've woken up this morning in a right grump! Don't laugh because I'm talking to a secondary school today about transition!! this morning! 'Luke loves library duty at lunchtime, 'Jamie hates football, please don't make him play', 'Katelyn loves outdoor activities - the more dangerous the better', 'Alex hates leading roles - give her a small part' - get the idea? Not laughing now are you laugh

I'll have a look at Sumdog in a little while, I've got to go to school now!

Mrs J

02 06 20 Morning!

I was hoping to be in school today but I have to take Sophie to Chester to pick up the rest of her stuff from her house. She was telling me what she had to collect last night, there's loads of it!! How it is all going to fit in our little house, I have no idea! The house will be like one of those 'hoarder' houses on the television - just a path going through to the kitchen!! Wish me luck!

I don't think anyone has woken up from half term yet!! Just checked Sumdog!!

  1. Evy - well done!
  2. Alfie - welcome back!
  3. Maani - lovely to see you again!
  4. Hope - welcome!
  5. Kate - I can't believe you are number 5 with 1 minute!!! What did you do in 1 minute??? One sum? I know it was the day after half term but ...... 1 minute laugh

I think it's the last day of sunshine today so enjoy it!

Mrs J

01 06 20 Welcome Back

I'm writing this on Sunday because I'm at school tomorrow. I think I've forgotten how to do 'school'!! wink

I suppose you have all heard that we are not returning to school tomorrow. I feel quite mixed about it about it because I would have loved to have seen you all but at the same time, I don't think it would have been a pleasant experience! I'd love to see you all but be able to do the play, go on days out, play rounders until we can't stand any longer, plan the prom etc etc - not sat two metres apart!

I'm sure your secondary schools will be in touch soon, if they haven't already! I will start to do some transition work with you too. Start thinking about questions you would like to ask - either to me or your new school. Perhaps we could start to make a list on here and go through them together?

Did you enjoy reading your reports? I am sure your parents are very proud of you! Did anyone get into trouble?? laughAlex did a report for Sutton Green which was brilliant! It should go on FaceBook this week so have a read. Why don't you write one too? I'd like to know how I did too devil - be nice Jamie and Luke!


Well done to those of you who went on over the half term!! Very impressed!

  1. Maani - yay, well done 200 coins coming your way!
  2. Ethan - One minute behind the leader!!
  3. Kate - well done!
  4. Leo - on the leaderboard with 3 minutes!! laugh
  5. Katelyn - and another one laugh

Missy has been banished to sleeping in the kitchen at night now crying. We got fed up of her shouting outside our bedroom doors at 5am (yes, it got even earlier) because she wanted her breakfast!! I do feel bad but it is nice and quiet in the mornings!

I'll try and speak to you tomorrow whilst I'm in - depends what is happenening. If you have five minutes, you can always ring me smiley. Hopefully see you on your bike ride Luke!

Have fun,

Mrs J

22 05 20 Urgent

Hannah B and Lucas - I need your email addresses for your reports please. If anyone is in touch with either of these two, could you ask them to email me please? Thank you!

22 05 20 It's Friday and it's the holidays!!!

Well done to Will and Kate for the photos - they are brilliant!

Did you all enjoy the sun yesterday? I did some work on the garden. I wanted to jet wash the path and steps but my hose pipe wouldn't connect to the jet wash. I ordered a few connectors from Amazon but still couldn't do it! It was like the Krypton Factor (ask your parents ........... or maybe your grandparents)! I'm quite stubborn - didn't you know that laugh so I refused to give up! I took everything apart, put it back, tried again, said some naughty words, took everything apart, threw it on the floor, said some more naughty words, stamped on it - still wouldn't work!! So I eventually had to order a new connector from Amazon which is coming today. If it doesn't fit - you'll hear me scream! 


We seem to have the same people on the leaderboard - where are the rest of you? Are you seriously going to let Holly have all of the glory this week? 

  1. Holly - STILL on top! 200 coins coming your way!
  2. Ethan - not moved
  3. Evy - come to a halt!
  4. Hannah S - fighting back!
  5. Leo - leaping up the board!
  6. Olivia - falling down!
  7. Alfie - falling too!
  8. Maani - falling three!
  9. Kate - Jumped over Kate!
  10. Katelyn - don't go!

SPAG: 2018 paper

  1. Ethan
  2. Evy
  3. Abbie
  4. Holly
  5. Will
  6. Kate

Ethan has had a go at the 2019 SAT paper and has scored an amazing 98%!!! Can anyone beat that score? Well done Ethan!

Reports are coming out today so check your emails!!

Have fun,

Mrs J

21 05 20 Me again!

I've just added a newsletter from the library. It got some really interesting ideas to keep you busy .............. if you are bored with my work!! cheeky There's lots on nature - which we can use when we are out on our walks. The scouts and the guides have ideas - there's loads - have a look!

21 05 20 Mornin'

How are we all on this fine morning? I read we are having thunderstorms today - I love a good thunderstorm!

You will be pleased to know that Missy shouted at me at about 6am and then gave up. Yay! I'm winning! I thought I'd update you because I know you will have lost sleep over it laugh Harsh Jamie!

Reports tomorrow! So what I suggest today is that you make preparations! Find things, preferably large and heavy, that you can use to barricade your door. Store food under your bed to last for the whole day - they should have calmed down before bedtime! Luke - take enough food for a couple of days! devil

Seriously ........................ yes do it! laugh

I'm going to get all soppy now - which I don't do very often! Believe me when I say you have been the best class I have EVER had and I feel very cheated not to have missed all this time with you. I love classes with character, personality, enthusiasm and fun - and you guys definitely had all that in abundance! Don't dismiss this as I wouldn't say you were the worse class I had ever had - you are right but I just wouldn't say anything! You know I have a big thing about honesty and trust and I say things how they are! Read what I have written and beleive it! I have thoroughly enjoyed being your teacher THANK YOU!

Keep sending in your questions about returning to school - I will answer them as soon as I can.

I will be starting work after half term on transitioning to secondary school. If your secondary school hasn't been in contact yet - don't worry, they will. All of this is new to them too and it will take them time to put new proceedures in place. Don't worry - it will happpen.

Right, Sumdog:

  1. Holly - back on the top! 200 coins coming your way!
  2. Ethan - not moved
  3. Evy - come to a halt!
  4. Alfie - stopped too!
  5. Olivia - just hopped ove Hannah!
  6. Hannah S - did you see her?
  7. Maani - staying put!!
  8. Leo - creeping in!
  9. Katelyn - hopped over Kate!
  10. Kate - don't go!

What's happened? Where are the rest of you - it's not the holidays yet!! Coins coming your way to the leaderboarders!


  1. Ethan
  2. Evy
  3. Abbie
  4. Holly
  5. Will

Fabulous scores - I'm pleased you've remembered so much! Who is going to knock Ethan off his top spot? come on the rest of you!

Maani has completed the 2019 SAT with a cracking score - well done Maani!

Holidays next week!! Is anyone going anywhere nice? .......................... oh yeah! Same as every other week!! laugh

Have a fab day and catch up tomorrow,

Mrs J

20 05 20 Good Morrning All

Have you looked outside yet? It's a gorgeous day ............................... for taking mad photos!! Go on take one today and send it to me! Pleeeeeeeeeease laugh

Sumdog!! The fight for top spot is back on!

  1. Holly - back on the top! 200 coins coming your way!
  2. Ethan - knocked off the top spot by Holly!
  3. Evy - come to a halt!
  4. Alfie - stopped too!
  5. Hannah S - stopped three!!
  6. Olivia - appeared out of no where!
  7. Maani - staying put!!
  8. Leo - creeping in!
  9. Kate - falling away!
  10. Hello Katelyn!

100 coins coming to the rest of you - well done!

We have another competition going on!! hree people have already completed the paper with cracking scores!

  1. Ethan
  2. Evy
  3. Abbie

Come on the rest of you! Where are you? I'll put another paper up on Friday - just give the others some time to complete this one.

 I have to admit I overslept this morning and am sat in my pjs - thirsty and hungry! Imagine that in school?? I refused to get up until the cat stopped shouting at me - she is going to have to sleep in the kitchen if this carries on! Driving me insane - yes okay Luke .... more insane!!

Going for a cup of tea and some breakfast now ............................ bye!

Mrs J

19 05 20 Me again!

I have been sent a list of questions which I thought I would answer on here because you will probably all have the same questions. I can only guess at the answers because none of us really know yet.

How will lunch work ? Will we still be able to have lunch from home in our lunchboxes or will we have to have school dinner ? I would have thought you will eat sat at your tables. I don't know about school dinners.

Will we have to sit on our own in the class ? Yes

Do we have to come in to school at different times ? I would have thought so

How will breaktimes and lunchtimes work ? I honestly have no idea!

Will we have the same teacher everyday ? You would have the same teacher every day but it might not be me! 

Will we still have a teaching assistant ? Yes we would.

I'm sorry I'm not much help at the moment! I'll keep the questions on here and answer them as soon as I know for definite!

Thanks for sending in the questions.

19 05 20 Good Morning!

How are you all today?

I had a chat with Mr Armer yesterday but I'm afraid he doesn't know anymore about reopning on the 1st June than we do! As soon as i find anything out, I promise I'll let you know!

Don't forget to keep checking the secondary school websites for the virtual tours.

Just checked on Sumdog! Here we go ........................

  1. Ethan - our new leader! 200 coins coming your way!
  2. Holly - knocked off the top spot by Ethan!
  3. Evy - racing up the board!
  4. Alfie - small step up!
  5. Hannah S - going back up!
  6. Kate - racing up!
  7. Maani - Yay! Finally on the leader board!
  8. Will - on the leader board with 1 minute! One minute Will??? What did you do? One question? laugh At least you went on!
  9. ....................?
  10. ....................?

Well done everyone, 100 coins coming your way!

Mrs Benson saw a lovely idea on Facebook. Year 6 children all send in daft photos of themselves in lockdown and they were all put on their class website page. I thought this was a brilliant idea, what do you reckon - shall we do it? I will if you will! It would be lovely to see you all if nothing else! Maybe we could do a collage of the photos? Come on - get taking those photos!

I keep thinking it's Saturday today! I think it's because I was in school yesterday and I'm not today. I'm going to pop into school again this week and try to speak to you. I'm really missing you all. sad

 Right I'm going to go and let my cat in now. I chucked her out when I got up (not literally Alex, I'm not that bad!) because she is now in the habit of sitting outside my bedroom door from 6am and shouting at me until I get up!!! It's a habit she is going to have to stop!!! I think she's still shouting at me now but I can't hear her laugh

Have a fab day day and speak tto you tomorrow.

Mrs J

18 05 20 Well hello everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend? Anyone do anything exciting? Nope - me neither! I tell you what Ethan has built a fabulous pond in his garden! I'm going to hire him for the summer holidays!! It looks amazing!

There's a fight on Sumdog!! Some hours being put in there! 200 coins for Holly and 100 for everyone else! 

  1. Holly - still winning!
  2. Ethan - now he's finished the pond!
  3. Sydney - Ethan kicked you off second spot!
  4. Leo - making a comeback!
  5. Alfie - Leo has over taken you!
  6. Hannah S - slipping down!
  7. Evy - same place!
  8. Abbie - same place!
  9. Hope - Same place!
  10. Lexi & Kate - joint!

Great to see Maani joining in the fun too!

I am in school today so if you have any questions about the POSSIBLE return to school after half term, please let me know! It can be any small worry you have e.g. how will we have our lunch? I'm not in your position so I don't know what your worries are - nothing will be seen as a daft question. You won't get any more daft than me laugh I will do my best to answer every question and I will share questions (no names) and answers on here. 

I don't have any information whilst I write this but am hoping I will after today.

15 05 20 Me again!!

Mrs Benson has just sent me a document on The SATs Week That Never Was. I've put it on this page for you to download because it's really lovely! If you haven't kept a diary, this would be great for you. There's lots of things we've talked about already and a lot more. You will be in the history books at the Year 6 who couldn't do their SATs so make sure you keep all of your memories!

The results for last weeks Sumdog National Competition was:

6 - Sycamore 19-20 14 357 230th

We did improve from 277th - well done team!

15 05 20 Morning all!

Yay! It's nearly the weekend! Has anyone got any exciting plans for the weekend? laugh Or maybe you're doing the same thing you've done for the last 7 weeks!! laugh

I've just found on Sumdog that I can reward you with extra coins!! So those in the top ten will get 100 extra coins today and the winner 200 coins!

Here goes:

  1. Holly - still winning!
  2. Sydney - leaps into second place!
  3. Ethan - finally beaten Evy!
  4. Alfie - holding on to his place!
  5. Hannah S - slowly creeping up!!
  6. Leo - fighting back!
  7. Evy - where are you going???!
  8. Abbie - jumps in from nowhere!
  9. Hope - holding on!
  10. Lexi - just sneaks in!

I've sent your rewards - well done!

Ethan, I've just seen that you were a Top 10 student in the Cheshire West and Cheshire Maths Contest on March 21st - fantastic - well done you! You can download your certificate from this page! An extra 200 coins coming your way too! Because I have already rewarded you today - I can't give you any more!!! I'll add them on as soon as I can!

I've received lots of emails from you all so am going to go and reply to those now - Alex looks like she has done tons of work. I'm excited to see it all!

Have a fun day,

Mrs J

14 05 20 GOOD morning!

It's safe to come out from behind the settee today! I'm feeling a lot better!

I went for a run last night (I can see your eyes glazing over Kate and Hope!!!) and as soon as I walked through the door, I started sneezing! I sneezed non stop for about an hour! Sophie sent me out of the room in the end because she couldn't hear the TV - so sympathetic my daughter!! And she was fed up of saying 'bless you'!!! I dosed myself up and eventually stopped at about 11pm - in time to go to bed. I honestly didn't know you could have that much s...... 'nasal fluid' laugh inside your head!!! I went through one kitchen roll and 2 toilet rolls! Where on earth does it come from? So, your task for today is ................................. only joking!

What a lovely start to the morning talking about my nose! 

It looks like it's going to be a lovely day today so I'm going to try to get out into the garden and tidy it up. What are you guys up to?

Just had a quick look at Sumdog!!! Yay!

  1. Holly - still winning!
  2. Evy - still in sceond ..... above Ethan!
  3. Ethan - chomping at your heels Evy!
  4. Alfie - come in from nowhere!
  5. Sydney - slipped down!
  6. Hannah S - appreared from nowhere!
  7. Leo - slipping down!
  8. Lexi - where are you going? Come back!
  9. Hope - slipping away!
  10. Katelyn - still hanging in there!

I'll open up the house tomorrow so you can use your coins!

Who fancies playing against me tomorrow? I've got a computer course at 11am so hows about 930 to 1030? I'm not quite sure how it works yet but i'll give it a go!

See you tomorrow 

Mrs J

13 05 20 Morning! 

Notice the lack of 'good'!! It's a good job we are not in school today because I am in one serious grump! Yes, I know Fin, you probably wouldn't notice any difference!!! laugh

Does anyone else feel that they have been off for so long that they will have fogotten how to do 'school'??? I've been teaching for ......mmmmm......a 'few' years and yet I'm worried I will have forgotten how to teach! Yes Luke - could I teach before lockdown laugh?

Can we make a deal and agree to be nice to eachother? I know, I'll have to practice being nice for the next few weeks, it doesn't come naturally to me! laugh I'll assume you've forgotten everything we've learnt over the last year and I'll do lots of revision and you let me off if I can't teach properly! Is that a deal? No tests, no questioning on what we learnt - I promise! 

I really don't know how it is going to work IF we go back after half term but I will let you know as soon as I possibly can. I'm sure you will have lots of questions e.g.

  • starting / finishing times
  • how social distancing will work, 
  • how you will move around school
  • how lunches will work

If you have something that is particularly worrying you, just let me know and I'll make sure I can answer your question.

Right! I'm off to make Sophie's life a misery today - I hope she stays in bed late today laugh. Just be thankful it's not you lot at the end of my grump!!!

Ooooops, nearly forgot Sumdog!

  1. Holly - still winning!
  2. Evy - still in sceond ..... above Ethan!
  3. Sydney - where did you come from??
  4. Ethan - slipping down, down, down!
  5. Leo - Same place!
  6. Lexi - hopped over Hope!
  7. Hope - slipping down!
  8. Kate - slipping down!
  9. Fin - slipping down!!
  10. Katelyn - hanging in there!? 

I've just seen this from Sumdog!

6 - Sycamore 19-20 11 201 277th

We are 277th!! That will just not do Year 6 - I'm cracking the whip now. Sumdog Year 6!!!laugh

12 05 20 Goeie môre!

Where are we today? I'll be impressed if you find this one! laugh

I've told you about my naughty cat - the one who jumps up at the back door and when you go to let her in, she runs away? She has decided she likes her breakfast at 6am! So she sits outside my bedroom door shouting until I get up!!! Whoever said that having pets is good for you hasn't had a cat like mine!! Sophie doesn't even hear her! I fed her at 6am and now she's shouting outside Sophie's door because she wants some Sophie fuss! Shall I let her in to Sophie's room? laugh He he Sophie would love early morning cuddles wouldn't she?

Don't forget to email me please so I can send out your reports. Just email a 'Hi' so I have all of your email addresses pretty please.

If. and it's still an 'if,' we come back after the half term, I'd like to have some ideas from you for work you would like to do. It's such a strange time that I'm sure we can include more of the work you enjoy. Chances are we will probably be social distancing so keep that in mind when you come up with ideas. Have a think about the activities you've enjoyed or a topic you would like to continue and let me know.

I'll have a look at the maths today - please do not pay for any!


  1. Holly - a new winner!!
  2. Evy
  3. Ethan - there's two minutes between you!
  4. Hannah S - storming up!
  5. Leo - you've let them take your top spot!
  6. Hope - climbing up again!
  7. Kate - slipping down
  8. Finley! Yay - where did you come from?
  9. Ruby - appeared from nowhere too!
  10. ............................. hello, .........hello? Where are the rest of you? 

Have a lovely day,

Mrs J

11 05 20 Me again, again!!

I've spoken to Mr Armer this morning and he doesn't have any information on you coming back to school. He found out at exactly the same time we did - last night!!!

Could you all please email me at I will be emailing out your reports soon so need to make sure I have your correct email addresses. Just email me with a 'Hi'. Thank you! 

I think there is a problem with the White Rose maths - do not pay anything! I'll sort it out!

11 05 20 Me again!

I put the message below on yesterday because I'm in school today. 

I'm sure most of you have heard about POSSIBLY going back to school on June 1st. That is as much as I know at the moment. As soon as I know anything at all, I will let you know.

11 05 20 Morning all!

Did you all have a good VE day? We did - we all sat out in our street (socially distanced) and had a little party.

Guess what?? We finished the puzzle! I was so excited to put in the last piece smiley

I'm also very excited by this week's maths investigation! Does that make me very sad??? laugh You don't have to agree Luke!!

Sumdog! We have a complete change:

  1. Leo - still up at the top!
  2. Ethan - finally beating Evy!
  3. Katelyn - staying the same!
  4. Lexi - where are you going???
  5. Kate - slowly climbing!
  6. Holly - climbing back up again!
  7. Evy - oh dear Evy!!
  8. Olivia - exactly the same place!
  9. Hope - slipping down, down, down!
  10. Hannah S - appeared from nowhere!

Who is going to knock Leo off that top spot? He's been up there a while now! Ethan, you are not far behind!

I have banned myself from chocolate! Let's see how long it lasts laugh

Have a fab day,

Mrs J

07 05 20 Me again!

It's VE Day tomorrow and we have been sent a link to a short video which you can watch tomorrow:

Whatever you have planned on Friday, please take time in your day to sit back and enjoy the virtual civic VE day service from the comfort of your own homes.

Attached below is a link to the Council’s You Tube account, where you will find the short 30 minute film.  No accounts or logins are required to watch the film – just click on the below link and it can be viewed from any smart phone, smart television, laptop or tablet.

07 05 20 Morning all!

How is everyone this fine morning? Morning Fin!

Before I forget - because you know what I'm like laugh Mrs Benson has set up a whole school science task on making bird feeders. I've uploaded the sheets for you. If you make one, send us some photographs.

You lot are such good bakers - I'm loving the cake photographs! I obviously taught you well cheeky!

Sophie and I are still addicted to the jigsaw puzzle - never in a million years did I think I would be enjoying jigsaw puzzles!! Yesterday I sat down to do a little bit - an hour and twenty minutes later I dragged myself away!! I probably only put about 6 pieces in that time too!

My son Chris also bought me a massive box of Celebrations - I have eaten so many!

Doing jigsaw puzzles and eating chocolate - perfect smiley

What are you all up to today? Luke will be going on his bike ride, Alex is probably building an extension to her house, Evy will be researching, Olivia will be playing netball, Holly will be in her pool, Jamie will be playing football - what is everyone else up to?

Sumdog - de de dahhhhhh.....drum roll ..........

  1. Leo - leapt into the lead, knocking Lexi off her top spot!
  2. Lexi -fight back!
  3. Katelyn - appeared out of no where!
  4. Ethan - is beating Evy!!
  5. Hope - shooting up the leader board!
  6. Evy - oh dear Evy!!
  7. Kate - slipping down Kate!
  8. Olivia - appreared from nowhere!!!
  9. Will - slipping down Will!
  10. Holly - slipping down too!

There's still time to fight back!!

Have a fab day everyone, missing you all,

Mrs J


06 05 20 Me again!

This looks great for those of you who love singing! Alex, Hannah?

06 05 20 Oooops!

I nearly forgot about you today laugh! My son, Chris, bought me a jigsaw puzzle for my birthday. I though it was a bit of a strange present because I never do puzzles. So me and Soph started it last night and, oh my goodness, we couldn't stop! Honestly, we were working on it until gone 12 last night! I'm loving it!! It's a safarie scene but there is no picture to go with it so it's really hard! I'm trying to piece together three lions at the moment wish me luck!

I hope you had a lovely birthday Holly and managed to celebrate 'lockdown style'? 

I'm going to quickly sort your work out now so hang on one minute smiley

Have a fab day everyone - looks like the weather is going to be lovely again.

Mrs J

PS Some of you are struggling to work at home now! The novelty has worn off! I've spoken to a few children and said to find something which interests them. Tilly was saying she found the Great Fire of London really interesting so I suggested she do some research on that. We talked about The Plague too and couldn't remember whether it was before of after the fire, so Tilly is going to find out all about that time in history. What caused the fire, how it spread, how long did it go on for etc 

Jamie, you could research football clubs? Maybe research famous teams from history?

If you find some thing you are interested in, you are more likely to work harder and learn more.This does not include playing on ANY play station games or X box Luke and Fin!! Get off them laugh

05 05 20 Happy Birthday Day!!

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to me and Holly,

Happy Birthday to You!!

Three cheers - hip hip ....................... I can't hear you!!! Are you still in bed??? It is 7:07!! My cat, Missy, was shouting outside my bedroom door at 6 o'clock so I thought I may as well get up!

So, what am I doing today on my birthday? I thought I'd have a nice pub lunch with Sophie, sleep it off this afternoon and then go into Liverpool with my friends tonight! Ah ................ mmmmm ...........oh yes ....... lockdownfrown! I'll do the same as every day for the last six weeks laugh!!!

I think I'll treat myself and finish painting the fence! ........... and the dog, cat, my hands, the concrete too probably!! Looks like it's going to be a lovely day though smiley.

What are you up to Holly?

I was going to try and speak to you all yesterday but I was called into a meeting in the afternoon. Sorry if I didn't get to speak to you!

It was lovely to see Luke, he stopped by school on his bike ride - still socially distancing!!. He looked so relaxed and happy - made me smile for the rest of the day. Thank you Luke!

Have a fab day,

One year older Mrs J - no that doesn't make me 67 Jamie!!

04 05 20 God Morgen

Where are we today?

It's actually Sunday night but I'm in school tomorrow so I won't have time in the morning.

Well some of you have been busy! Well done - those minutes are building up! Yay!

  1. Lexi - still in the lead
  2. Evy - still beating Ethan by 11 points!
  3. Ethan - where are you? 
  4. Hannah S - overtaken Leo
  5. Kate - overtaken Leo too
  6. Leo - where are you?
  7. Will - creeping back up again
  8. Holly - appears out of nowhere!
  9. Alfie - dropping down the leader board!
  10. Hope - hanging on by the skin of her teeth

So what has everyone been up to this weekend? I know Kate has made a fabulous cake - looked scrummy! You will have to teach me one day Kate, you know what my baking skills are like!

Olivia's comic strip is fabulous! Ive just asked her to make the photo a bit bigger then I can show you all.

I can't think what I have done this weekend - is it all a bit of a blur at the moment! Days are just merging together! Er ...... what have I done ...........mmmmm....... eaten lots of chocolate......... I had a shower....... walked the dog..........nothing really!!

Hopefully you'll have lots of exciting things to tell me about tomorrow! I'm excited to speak to you all.

Stay safe,

Mrs J 

01 05 20  Bom Dia

And today we are in? 

I'll give you a clue - see who listens to me drone on and on! I lived there for four years. Me and my sister used to go to the beach straight from school every day. Wow, how I would love to be on a hot beach right now!

It's Friday! laugh It's nearly the weekend! What's everyone up to this weekend? Er ........... mmmmmmmm......same as every day of the lock down???

My cat is really annoying me at the moment! There are two doors going out into the garden - one of them is open (yeah I know! Drives Sophie mad too) and one is locked. Missy went out through the open door (obviously) and was meowing and jumping up at the locked door!!! Thinking about the neighbours, I went and opened the locked door to let her in - she ran away! Now I've sat down, she is meowing and jumping up at the locked door again!! I refuse to go and open it again! She really is the naughtiest cat I have ever had!

 I'm going to get out on my bike today - see how far I can get. Still taking Holly's advice and exercising every day!

Just before I go! The Sumdog leaderboard!

  1. Lexi - still in the lead
  2. Evy - still beating Ethan
  3. Ethan - where are you? I can't believe you are ignoring my teasing!!
  4. Leo - staying the same
  5. Hannah S - creeping up the leader board!
  6. Kate - creeping up too
  7. Alfie - staying the same
  8. Will - dropping down the leader board!
  9. Katelyn scraped into the leader board
  10. Abbie - fallen one place!

Who is going to be in the lead after the weekend?

Before I forget, Alex is using the Oak National Academy and said it's really good. Apparently you can pause and rewind the lesson which I think is a great idea! Imagine that in our classroom? You lot would just have me on permanent mute or paused!!

The Oak National Academy can be accessed here:

Have a fab weekend,

Mrs J

30 04 20  早上好!

Round the world trip with Mrs J!

I'm in a much better mood today. I did go out for a long walk with Pepper and felt much better afterwards - thank you Holly! I'm going to make sure I go out for a long walk or run every day from now on!

Sumdog! Lexi has jumped in and moved straight to first place! Knocked Evy right off the winning podium! Are you okay Evy - did you hurt anything? laugh

As it stands now, the top 10 are.................. drumroll ......:

  1. Lexi
  2. Evy (still beating Ethan!)
  3. Ethan
  4. Leo
  5. Will
  6. Hannah S
  7. Alfie
  8. Kate
  9. Abbie
  10. Hope

Are you going to let Lexi win?? Come on!

Did any of you look at the science experiments which I posted yesterday - any good?

What's everyone up to today? Mmmmmm same as yesterday maybe? 

I finished and signed all of your reports yesterday. Sorry guys but I had to be honest - prepare to be grounded until you are at least 26 laugh! Revenge is so sweet - teachers always win in the end! Look back to all the times when I was dragged out of the staffroom, when I was eating my lunch, to deal with some arguement or other! laugh Only joking - you lot were amazing!

I woke up late so I haven't had my breakfast yet - I'm starving! I'm off!

Have a fun day and I'll catch up with you tomorrow,

Mrs J

29 04 20  доброе утро!

Ha! What language is this? 

I have woken up in a right grump this morning! Yes I know Lucas - you probably wouldn't notice any difference!! I'm having the strangest dreams - which apparently a lot of people are in this lockdown. It must be your brain's way of dealing with the situation! Anyway I must have had really bad dreams last night because I've woken up feeling very low and grumpy. Good job I'm not in school today! I'm going to take Holly's advice (Did you see her work on FaceBook? Beautiful!) and go and take Pepper out for a long walk. I think the fresh air and a bit of exercise will help!

I'll come back to you later and tell you if it's worked!

Just before I go, there are some fun science experiments on this website if any of you would like to take a look:

To access this resource, ask your students to:

  • - open the BPES website:
  • - click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages if you are not logged in)
  • - enter the code: 84129

Catch up with you later,

Mrs J

28 04 20 Buongiorno

I'm on it now! Okay so I might have googled this one cheeky I do love the Italian accent!

How is everyone today? What time are you lot getting up in the mornings? Sophie's lectures have started now so she has to get up for a 9am start. It's so funny - it's like a two year old tantrum! Why do I have to get up .....why do the lectures have to start so early..... why ...... why ......why?

I get up at 7am but, I must admit, sometimes I don't get dressed until after lunch or at all really. I seem to be going from pjs to workout gear back to pjs!

I've actually finished painting the house so am starting on the fence now - that's why it's clouded over today! Typical!

 I've just checked Sumdog! Thank you to:

  • Evy
  • Alfie
  • Ethan
  • Katelyn
  • Lucas
  • Hope

Ethan, Evy has done more than you!!! laugh

Have a fab day and I'll catch up with you tomorrow,

Mrs J

27 04 20 Guten Morgan!

Hey, multilingual now! I did German at school.................mmmm about twenty years ago. Stop laughing Hope and Lexi ........... okay 22 years ago! I can still remember some of it - not that I can remember what I had for breakfast yesterday ...... or what Alfie's name is laugh

So if you need to know what:

  • wardrobe
  • cross the road
  • pen
  • round the corner

is in German - just ask me!

Did you all have a good weekend? The weather was beautiful wasn't it? I wonder who went out on bike rides? Luke? I'm going to clean up my bike today and go for a bike ride. I'll let you know how far I go - because you are obviously all interested in an old lady's bike ride aren't you laugh

Will and Kate emailed through lots of work for me to read, I'm just going to have a read of that now.

I've just looked at the Sumdog Leaderboard but our class isn't on it at all! Can you see the competition when you go on? Please let me know,

Have a fab day!

Mrs J

24 04 20 Bonjour! Ca va?

That's it, our French for the year! Who replied in French? Who did a Joey impression - love that episode - so funny!

SUMDOG!!! Thank you to those same children who went on and did some more!

  • Ethan
  • Kate
  • Hannah S
  • Sydney
  • Holly
  • Olivia

Where are the rest of you? I'm sure I had 27 hildren in my class!! Hellooooooooooo? Is anyone there?? Kate give Will a nudge .......... a nudge Kate!!!! cheeky I'm going to take a break to do some happy breathing ....................

I'm back! 

Normally I'd have a happy face next to 'Friday' but it's weird because it doesn't feel any different at the weekends does it? All days seem to be the same.

I've decided to take down a wall this weekend laugh Not a wall inside the house - please don't try that at home. No Luke - not a good idea! It's a useless wall in the garden - does anyone need a brick? I'm going to have loads and don't know what to do with them. I thought about sending you one each in the post just to get rid!

Right I'm off to do some work now. Have a fab day and weekend. See you all on Monday when I will be bowled over by the number of people who have been on SUMDOG!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha sad

Check out this link for fitness ideas if you are getting bored or fancy something different:

Mrs J

23 04 20 Me again!

I have been talking to one of the secondary schools this morning. I asked about what is going to happen about transition this year. Normally someone from school would come in to meet you and you would have the chance to visit the school - obviously this year is not normal!! They said that they will set up vitrual meetings with you in small groups and you will be able to go on the website and take a virtual tour of the school, meeting all of the staff as you go. I was quite relieved to hear all of this so I thought I'd pass it on to you. As soon as I have any more information, I will pass it straight to you.

I will also start to look at how to get ready for secondary school over the next few weeks.

Okay, I'll leave you alone now smiley  

23 04 20 Morning all! Morning Fin smiley

Ground Hog day! It's Thursday again! Wasn't it Thursday yesterday?

This is getting serious now!!!! SUMDOG! How are we going to win if you don't go on??? sad I'll keep you in at break time!!! I will Jamie!

Thank you to:

  • Ethan
  • Kate
  • Hannah S
  • Sydney
  • Holly
  • Olivia (even though it was for 2 minutes wink)

who have all been on. You can have 10 raffle tickets each!

The rest of you?? Disgraceful!!! It's not as if you haven't got time laugh Get on it today............ pleeeeeease!

What are you up to today? I annoy my daughter every day by asking her that question laugh She gives me a withering look and says 'The same as yesterday Mother'. I just giggle to myself!

I have a WhatsApp group with friends who have children in secondary school. The children all have to get up for 9 o'clock and sign in to their lessons. They have been taking photos of their children's strops - it's so funny. They've set up a system of consequences. One of the children got a red card yesterday for rolling across the table and giving abuse to the teacher. It's better than Eastenders laugh

Right, have a fab day and I'll catch with you tomorrow.

Mrs J 

22 04 20 Jambo, Jambo Bwana!

How is everyone today? I'm a little bit confused today because I keep thinking it's Thursday - I know Hope, I'm always confused!!

How did you get on looking at your feelings during lockdown? If any of you are feeling a bit low today there's a great website where you and your parents can find ways to keep you calm and happy.

Check it out:  

I found some good 'stuff' on meditation.

Well done to those of you who have been on Evy, you beat Ethan on the 2017 paper!!! (Sshhh he did beat you on the other two - fight back smiley) Well done to both of you - fabulous scores! A big shout out to Abbie who got 100% on the 2016 paper - wow!!!

Now!! I have a bone to pick with you horrible lot! How are we going to win the interschool competition if you don't go on it enough!! You know I'll sulk and be completely unbearable I'll be if we lose - yes okay Alfie, even worse than usual laugh.

I'm very excited because I put a whirly drier up in my garden yesterday (conceted it in and everything!!). My first wash is nearly finished and I'll be able to hang it out! Do you want me to send you a photo? You know you want to see it!! Okay Luke, if you insist - I'll put a photo up later angel

Ooooooo the washing machine is beeping because it's finished. Sorry guys - got more important things to do. Catch you later ....................... 

21 04 20 Good afternoon!

Here are some extra websites were you can find exciting work to do:

Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub

TThe Academy offers 180 video lessons each week for schools to use, across a broad range of subjects. 

The Oak National Academy can be accessed here:

Launch of BBC Bitesize

The BBC has today launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents.

BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:

21 04 20 Good morning!

Sorry I'm a bit late today! I had to run my daughter, Sophie, to the Countess of Chester Hospital this morning for some extra training so she can start working on the wards. I tell you what Kate, your strops are nothing compared to Sophie's!!! Grrrrrrrr! I nearly made her walk to Chester!

It was lovely talking to you all yesterday! There were a couple of you I didn't manage to speak to but I will catch up with you soon. It was great to hear all the things you've been getting up to. Luke was on a bike ride, Fin was playing games, Hannah was in the hot tub, Mr Stubbs was being his usual self (Hannah said it's okay because she's used to it now!), Ethan's been working in the garden, Abbie has been cooking, Sydney has been to the zoo (virtually) and Lexi has been ........stressing!!! You do not have to do everything on the website! If you are interested in something in particular, do some work on that. I think it was Holly who researched all of the animals on the Galapagos Islands and wrote a fact file on each. It's a dfficult time for everyone so do the work you ENJOY! Your happiness is the most important thing at the moment!

Right, I'm going to go and do that investigation - back soon!

I've started the investigation and this is what I've found. I used the Nrich game: 

Number of Frogs  Number of moves

2                         3

3                        5

4                        8

5                       11

6                       15

I haven't found a pattern yet! Have you? Email me if you find it - it will annoy me all day if I don't find it!

Oh and one more thing!!! Not one of you saved me an egg!! Not one!!! You are all on detention until you are 63!!! sad

Mrs J

20 04 20 I hope you are all well and enjoyed your holiday. I haven't received a single Easter Egg so I assume you have put them to one side for me - thank you! I will do my bit to keep you healthy devil

I have updated your home learning tasks for this week. Please don't feel you have to do everything. We all learn in different ways so choose what suits your learning. Jamie, learning does not include kicking a football around your garden - even if you are counting the number of goals! Get some work done!

I have nearly finished painting my house - and Pepper and one of my cats! Not literally painting them with a brush but they always manage to walk past where I have just painted! Anyone else done any painting?

I really am missing you lot! I can't believe that I am lucky enough to get to teach such a fabulous class and we get sent home! Typical! Hopefully we will be back soon!

Thank you Abbie for writing such a fabulous persuasive letter - even though it did make me cry!

Catch up tomorrow!

Mrs J

18 04 20 Mr Armer has sent you all a 'Welcome back to the summer term'  letter - you can download it from this page.

16 04 20 Now we've talked a lot over the year about health and healthy eating. Cheshire Phoenix came in and talked to us about how important a healthy diet is to them.

It might be tempting to eat all of your Easter eggs but please don't. You know they are bad for you! What I suggest you do is put them in a bag and drop them off at school with my name of them. I will 'dispose' of them for you. Yes, I know, I'm such a caring, supportive teacher. I only have your best interests at heart. devil

I'll put some maths investigations up next week for those of you who enjoy them and are booooooooored. You don't have to do them Kate, yes I know it's the holidays Jamie and you'd rather play football - if you'd listened to me properly Mason, they are a choice - you don't have to do them smiley

Don't forget to email me - not with photos of you eating chocolate though!

16 04 20 I have just added some learning books to download. they look really good. I've included the answer booklet - no cheating Luke and Jamie!!!

Parents and pupils, you can now email your class teacher with any questions about your home learning or to show us what you have been doing. Please note this account will only be accessed by teachers between 10-11am (Monday-Friday, term time only). We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our class email address is:

Mrs Johnson



Hi Impact is a great source of resources including computer games and astrology videos. There's something for every child!

Twinkl has everything! (Use the code UKTWINKLHELPS to get on for free)

My Hapyy Mind 

Fun ICT Games 

tts  Free activity booklets: 

Classroom in the Cloud Range of activities

Bitesize Lots of educational resources


Oxford Reading Buddy

Oxford Owl Reading

Cornerstones Reading


White Rose Maths 


Times Table Rockstars


Joe Wicks is doing a live workout session every morning

Aspire Sports has a great suggested timetable

Youth Sports Trust

Sport England Activity ideas and routines

Premier League Primary Stars English, Maths & Physical Activity ideas

This Girl Can: Disney Dance Alongs


Files to Download

See calendar and News items for more information on these events.... check out our Facebook page and Twitter account.

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