Year 5 Sycamore Class

05 01 21 Good morning!

If you can sign on to Google Classrooms - please do it! It's much easier to manage and is more interactive.

If you can't here goes:


This is another revision lesson: LO: to multiply 3 digits by 1 digit 
1. Watch the video:
If you found yesterday's difficult, you can always watch that video again: Multiply 2 Digits by 1 Digits
2. Complete the worksheet attached. You know how many pages you should do - let me know if you have forgotten.


You are going to create a non-chronological report on the similarities and differences in the polar regions - not including animals and plants.

Here are a couple of videos you can watch. Have a pen and paper ready so you can make notes.
2. You can watch the part about humans and animals but don't include it in your report.

I have attached some information sheets for you - there is a lot of useful information on them.
Introduction - where they are, what they are
Polar Climate
Polar Night and Day

Key words for your report, include them in your report making sure you know what they mean: latitude, longitude, hemisphere, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Equator, Prime Meridian
Make a plan of your report first and then make a neat copy.


Commas are very important and today we are going to look at two different ways we use commas in our writing.

1. Go through the attached power point.

2. Complete the Commas for Books sheet. At the top, you just need to write the list of animals you saw making sure you use the commas correctly. At the bottom, draw two pictures showing the meaning of both sentences! Commas can make a massive difference so use them carefully!

3. Have a go at this Thesaurus game.

Don't worry if you haven't got a thesaurus, you can could Google the word and select a word from it's meaning.

a. Look up beautiful: 'pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically'. I'm choosing 'pleasing'. I record it under beautiful. b. Look up 'pleasing': satisfying or appealing. I'm choosing satisfying .................... keep going until you run out of words or hit the bottom of the page!

04 01 21 Lockdown Learning

Here we go again!!

Your learning will be on here until the end of the week and then it will move to Google Classrooms. Make sure you have signed on and are ready! Any problems, just let me know ..................... I have no idea why you should let me know - I will have no idea laugh! I won't but I will find someone who does!

See you in the morning! No lie ins! If I have to get up - so do you!

Mrs J

04 01 21 Home Learning

Hi to all of you who are self isolating! We miss you loads!

We are supposed to be putting work on Google Classrooms but not many have signed in so I will put it on here this week and move to Google Classrooms next week.

I will put the signing in details and passwords etc on later.


This was a recap lesson on multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit. This National Oak is similar revision:

I have uploaded the worksheet they completed and the powerpoint we went through together.


We looked at Hailu Poetry. I have attached the powerpoint we went through. Today we went up to Page 13. The children had to write the Haiku poem using the words given. They can write it into neat when they return.


We had a quick recap of counting to 20. If you look on youtube there are lots of videos you can use. 

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