Welcome to the Maths page.  We take great care at Sutton Green in the teaching of mathematics from early years through to year 6 and preparing children for every stage of their learning.  Our emphasis is on problem solving and investigating maths through everyday situations, it is a huge focus throughout school.  

This year we are continuing our exciting journey using the Singapore Maths approach across Years 1 to 5. Teachers at Sutton Green have been developing a mastery approach for the last two years. Inspired by the exceptional performance of some Southeast Asian countries, school leaders researched  principles of mathematics teaching in Singapore. The approach has since been implemented at Sutton Green and is used in Year 1-5 as a full program. Year 6 use the White Rose system of planning and lesson delivery. EYFS use the Singapore principles in the Summer term as they approach more formalised learning. Lesson objectives are assessed throughout each unit of work using the whole school Balance system.


In classrooms you can expect to see high levels of pupil engagement and involvement. Lessons usually begin with an interesting and engaging problem to solve and the teacher’s role is to make this accessible to all. Concrete materials (usually in the form of representations or manipulatives) should be available to support the children’s thinking as they explore. Pupil talk should be encouraged at every opportunity, enabling peer support, challenge and/or refinement of ideas. 

Different ideas are embraced and discussed. The class will spend a significant length of time reflecting on their own and others ideas: they do this through journaling and exploring the thinking of others as presented in the textbook. Towards the end of each lesson, the children practice what they have learned, usually through a number of examples guided by the teacher and ultimately, independently. The sequence of examples presented in the textbook is usually adhered to, the inbuilt variation enabling the children to practice the same kind of problem in a number of different ways. Differentiation is precise and robust. Struggling learners are mainly supported through concrete materials, peer dialogue and problems that are in real life situations. Gifted learners are challenged from the outset, being asked to prove or justify their ideas, create real-life authentic problems of their own or seek patterns within the problem/concept being explored. In this way challenge is provided through deepening conceptual understanding rather than acceleration onto new content.

For more infromation on Singapore Maths please click on the link below :

Singapore Maths Video for Parents


We are continually trying different approaches to make maths fun and relevant for our children. In recent years we have had weeks when the whole curriculum devoted to maths in a number of cross-curricular ways. For photographs of these activities please see our gallery pages. This year in June we will be participating a whole school based enterprise week.

At Sutton Green we believe in using different platforms to enhance maths learning. Each class on the website has included web links to games and activities for the appropriate age and what the class is currently learning.


Events 2017-18

In November, the whole of year 6 had and exciting opportunity to sample the Big Maths challenge at Whitby High School in conjunction with Liverpool University. It was a fantastic afternoon spent solving problems using large apparatus and all the pupils had lots of fun learning lots of things along the way. For photos of the day click on the following link :




In February, four Year 6 pupils represented Sutton Green at the inter-primary school quiz hosted by Whitby High School in conjunction with Liverpool University. We scored 196 points and finished fourth in our heat, everyone agreed it was tough but also fun to take part and test ourselves against other schools. For photographs of the day please click on the following link :







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