Our Gallery

Elm Class Nativity 2020, by Mrs Allmand

Ash Class Odd Socks, by Mrs Richards

Elm class remembers 11.11.20, by Mrs Blackwell

Fir Class Tiger Hunt, by Miss Bateman

Year 2 Designing bridges, by Miss Dunning

Year 2 Spaghetti Bridges, by Miss Dunning

Traders and Raiders, by Miss Cope

Burps, Bottoms and Bile, by Miss Cope

World Book day in Year 2, by Miss Dunning

Landscapes and Shadows, by Miss Bateman

Social Butterflies , by Mrs Richards

Do you want to be friends?, by Mrs Richards

Will you read me a story?, by Mrs Richards

Why do zebras have stripes?, by Mrs Richards

Can I switch it on?, by Mrs Richards

Year 3 Beeston Residential , by Miss Bateman

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