Phonics is taught daily to all pupils in EYFS and KS1, using Letters and Sounds. We cover 6 phases, Phase 1-4 in EYFS, 4-5 in Y1 and 6 in Y2. Any gaps identified in children's phonics knowledge are plugged using interventions, on top of their daily phonics lessons. We teach the children the letter names and the sound (Phoneme) they make when they are on their own or with other letters. The children are also taught how to write each sound (Grapheme) this can be an individual letter, two letters (a digraph) or three letters (a trigraph).

To help your child with the letter sounds please watch the video from Oxford Reading Tree –‘How to pronounce pure sounds’


Helping your child at home

  • Encourage and model correct pronunciation of sounds
  • Use letter names for individual letters
  • Reading regularly to your child and listen to them read at least 3 times a week.
  • Encourage your child to write lists, cards, and letters using phonics to help them spell new words.
  • Encourage your child to sound out new words. 
  • Use the segment and blend approach.
  • Be a good role model- read and write infront of your child. 
  • PRAISE all attempts

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